June 18, 2009

Vegetable garden

  • Weed, my God, weed
  • Particularly the garlic (again)
  • Tie up the tomatoes
  • Fertilize the tomatoes (after weeding)
  • Put stakes in the squash section and plant beans
  • Transplant more plants to the ornamental bed
  • Edge and mulch the ornamental bed
  • Mulch the strawberry bed

Herb garden

  • Decide whether to pull out rocket and sorrel or let it go to seed
  • Put stakes where the celery failed to grow and plant beans
  • Kill weeds in the paths
  • Consider whether to hack down the wormwood or tolerate it for now and move it in the fall or spring


  • Pull more bindweed from the driveway bed and the back fence
  • Start broccoli and cauliflower inside
  • Divide the papyrus