I have done so much since last writing! I mean, not a lot objectively, but a lot for me for the garden for spring. I went to a neighborhood gardeners’ meet; I filled in part of the brick path; I replanted garlic (per a promise with Carol); I hardened off brassicas and alliums and marigolds; I planted up tomatoes; I started cucurbits and flowers and a seed-embedded Christmas card we got; I uprooted the wormwood and lemon balm; I watched the rain fall onto my garden and through my garage roof.

And I’d have written about some or all of it if I hadn’t gotten food poisoning. It was relatively mild, meaning I only threw up once and recovered in about two days. I don’t know what caused it, but i suspect some leftover bean dip. It was homemade bean dip, so I can’t even say anything about the sorry state of modern food hygiene. Pity, really.

So I will try to catch up over the next few days here. We’ll see how that goes, though, since the rain is finally supposed to stop and that means I may be able to get out and do the myriad things I’ve been intending to do outdoors. It also means that I’m going to have to brace myself for the new weeds grown up in the luxurious dampness, but I knew that was coming.