I killed eight or nine ants inside the house yesterday. Tiny ones, not like the carpenter ants we had a couple of years ago. Ones exactly like the teeming millions in the herb garden where I thought I destroyed that nest last year. It seems not. Silly me.

So yesterday Eric mixed Twenty Mule Team Borax and sugar and sprinkled it between the nest and the house, per the Internet’s instructions. I’m vaguely worried this will merely draw more pests, but it was on the Internet, so it must be true. <beat>

The peas are growing nicely–well, the Golden Sweets are. A few of the old Pioneers came up, maybe twenty percent. I planted some of the Alaskas I bought several days ago, so I’ve got my backup in place. Some turnips are coming up; some spinach and komatsuna are coming up; weed rocket and sorrel are coming up all over. This is because I let it all go to seed last year and didn’t clean it up. And even though they’re tasty weeds, they’re still technically weeds. Though some landed in a spot that wasn’t already designated for something else, so I could always just pretend I meant to do that…

In the meantime, the choy sum and lettuce inside are growing nicely, and I’m starting to think it’s time to start hardening them off. The tomatoes will need replanting soon, too. And I’ve got five pots on the back porch, all empty, all needing something in them. But what? It’s time to make some decisions.