I bought my first hoe yesterday. Yes, that’s right, I’ve been gardening for three years without a hoe. The side of a rake works okay, you know? Except that maybe a hoe would have helped avoid the weedpocalypse I’m facing. So I bought one. Also a packet of peas, late but just in case, and some onion sets because I confidently expect the seeds I started not to come up.

I also planted potatoes and onion sets and turnips and broad beans, and cleaned up the strawberry beds. Those strawberries were choked by weeds last year (also parsley, which technically counted as a weed since I didn’t want it where it was–parsnip is going to be the same way this year) but still managed to put out tons of runners. I ended up digging up all the strawberries (all the ones I could find, anyway), clearing away the weeds, regrading the bed, and replanting the strawberries. And adding mulch. It’s from the pile of grass clippings from last year, because the bag of actual mulch I bought last year and left out for the winter had strange orange filaments in it and I was suspicious of them. But I’m pretty sure that even if the orange filaments are a new killer fungus that destroys vegetation as we know it, those strawberry plants will keep on trucking.