My pea trellis went up today. Well, one of them. There are going to be two, but Eric was napping and Chloe was sitting in her stroller watching me, and she ran out of yogurt melts. So only one is up–but it should be simple to get the other up and plant peas as soon as I’ve bought some. I have Golden Sweets but I want shelling peas, because Chloe likes them and you can’t buy frozen ones that don’t have salt or sugar or both added.

It was very pleasant to go out and dig up the dirt and see all the worms, though not as pleasant to see all the weed seeds, and to get warm from exercise and anticipate green things growing. It was also very pleasant to finally get a start on the brick path I’ve been meaning to put into the herb garden for over a year now. It means a lot of exercise–as the entire garden this year will–but I can use a lot of exercise.

I feel ambivalent about putting up a pea trellis every year, though. And a bean trellis/tepee. Every year I’ve put them up and the weather and my fall cleanup has torn them down. In a way I’d like to have a permanent structure up, something I don’t have to plan for and rig up every year, something I can just rake around and plant under and be done. But then there’s the whole rotating crops thing, and having the same garden every year would probably get boring anyway. Also, I haven’t built one I like enough to keep up forever.

Inside, my seeds are growing. I did start them, and the rocket, choy sum, marigolds, leeks, scallions, and spinach are up. I meant to write about it, but the days slipped by, as they do so often now. I’m going to try to keep at the garden, even when I don’t keep at the blog. Like I said, I can use the exercise, and Chloe can use the fresh air, and we all can use the produce.