It was nearly fifty degrees today. I went to the store with a light coat and could have gone without one. If my yard weren’t still covered in snow, I think I would have had to do some work.

It’s been a long, slow, gray, sedentary winter, and I’m waiting for it to end. Today was a very welcome harbinger of spring. I’m still not chomping at the bit to get going on all the weeding and digging I’m going to have to do, but I do think it’ll be good for me. And it will be very nice to grow things again. We went to Home Depot today and I got a plastic “greenhouse” tray with Jiffy pots for starting seeds. Yes, I’m letting the side down by not rolling my own, but it was only five dollars for the tray plus fifty pots, and this makes it much more likely that I’ll actually do the seed-starting. And with a built-in greenhouse to keep them moist I might have a shot at successfully starting peppers and eggplant, which excites me. And it was only five dollars.

I think I’ve mentioned (can’t remember, it’s been, uh, a long time) that we’re trying to move this year, and so this year’s garden will be partly for show. I still think having a working vegetable garden will be a selling point, but it has to be a pretty garden. So my focus this year will be not on cramming as much growing into the ground as possible, but on correct spacing, enough weeding and mulching and pruning, and all those things I’ve known I should be doing but haven’t been able to bring myself to care for. It should be an interesting change of focus.