Meet Chloe, who will someday help me in the garden, but is currently taking nearly all my attention and energy (such as they were) away from it. She was born on July 23, 8 lb., 3. oz,. 21″ (supposedly–at her first pediatrician checkup they measured her at 19.75″). She developed some pretty severe jaundice so we spend the weekend in the NICU with her under phototherapy lights, but she’s pinker and better now, though not completely rid of it–that wouldn’t normally have happened for another few weeks anyway, so it’s not a real issue. I think I have a garden outside somewhere. My parents are in town and are picking cucumbers and squash for me, and have offered to weed if I’ll show them what plants are to be saved. I’m currently okay with letting everything run wild, or alternately harvesting what we can and destroying the rest. (Dad already dug up the garlic for me, and since we’re too occupied to make pickles we have a nice braid of it in the pantry.) Whatever. For the moment, I have an entirely different little seedling to tend.