I ate my first garden zucchini last night. It’s a “Yellow Zucchini,” the one from the nursery. I breaded and fried it, which I suppose isn’t the healthiest way ever to eat a vegetable, but it was exceedingly yummy and I regret nothing. It has many small siblings on the plant, so I can be healthy later.

There is a luscious green Buran pepper in the garden that I intend to use for either sweet relish or fried rice, depending on which one we decide to make first. I’m a little confused on how the Buran plant, which was one of the small, sad plants I started indoors late and barely got sprouted before I planted it outdoors, has flourished and produced such a beautiful pepper, almost in time with the nursery-grown hot peppers, in the midst of untied-up tomatoes and weeds. Especially since last year I started them on time and fertilized them and kept them relatively weed-free with plenty of space, and got small stunted peppers that were barely worth mentioning (if in fact I did mention them). I should definitely save seeds from this plant if more beautiful fruits appear. I bet I could get rich from the seeds of a vegetable that thrives on neglect–or at least save a lot on my grocery bills.