Nine cucumbers. Four of them are too big to be any good. This is what happens when you don’t go into the garden for a week, of course. Ah well. We’re going to slice up a couple of them today for dinner and maybe try making a test batch of sweet relish with the others.

There are a couple of baby tomatoes out there, and some purple Black Mitla bean flowers, and plenty of spring-green Inferno peppers, and bees on the leek flowers. I can still see the carrots between the weeds in the carrot patch. (I’m going to try weeding it tomorrow. Today we have to make macaroni salad and go buy corn and pectin and bring everything plus a bag of potatoes and those cucumbers over to my mother-in-law’s.) It’s not so bad out there, really. And hey, even if it is, I’ve got cucumbers to eat, the freshest it’s possible to get them, and that’s a happy thing.

Happy Independence Day!