You would think that, having plants in my garden that are at that exciting stage between seedling and producing adult, I would visit the garden even if I didn’t work in it. Apparently not. It’s not exactly that I feel guilty about not weeding (though I do); I just haven’t had the urge to be outside much. I trust this will pass somewhat once I become a fruit-producing adult myself.

I did go into the garden today, though, because it had been a while since I’d gathered those strawberries and I thought there might be a few more. And there were. It’s kind of nice having a producing strawberry bed after two years of not being able to get anything from them; my expectations are low. As it is, I got about a cup of small, sweet, beautiful strawberries, and felt blessed.

I also noted that the tomatoes are in need of tying up, and of course that the weeds are in need of killing; and that my zucchini plant is thriving and the peppers are doing well for themselves. I took these pictures a few days ago, but check it out: I really do have a garden out there.