After a week of on and off rain, I finally got out in the garden to do a little work. Only a little, because it looks like rain again and we’re making lemon ice cream and bending down is no longer a good idea, but I did pick the first non-holey strawberries from the garden (I think what helped is the spiders that have taken up residence in the plants; the stems are full of webs. But the strawberries are red and whole so I’m not complaining), take some pictures, gently guide the cucumbers up instead of out, and pull out the worst of the weeds in the garlic patch.

There’s a problem with the garlic weeds, though. Some of them are leftover potatoes from last year. I really liked growing my own potatoes last year and my patch this year is small, so I’m conflicted about pulling these out. Plus, they’re tubers; aren’t they going to be the most pernicious weeds ever? Some of them aren’t particularly close to the actual garlic (and I planted the garlic more widely than I could have, and some of them didn’t come up), so I’m leaving them. The ones that are close, though, are problematic. Which do I love more, potatoes or garlic, and is it possible to dig up the one to let the other grow, or do I simply have to tell myself “IT’S A WEED” and yank?