There’s a spot in the vegetable garden that’s always bugged me (even ignoring the rabbit warren/weed invasion issues). It’s on the east side of the Asian pear, the bit between the tree, the raised bed, and the compost box. It’s too crowded to be a good place to grow vegetables but it’s too big just to be a pathway. The neighbor mentioned a while ago that the corner garden she put in next to the fence is a butterfly garden, and it struck me that that would be an excellent thing to do with this space: get rid of the weeds and general detritus left from using it as the auxiliary compost pile, maybe do some lasagna garden-type layering, plant some nice bushy beneficial-insect-attracting flowers, and mulch the heck out of it. Of course with her butterfly garden just on the other side of the fence it’s really not going to be all that much more beneficial, but I don’t see why that should stop me.

The auxiliary compost pile actually left a nice amount of straw-type detritus that will do as beginning mulch. It also left an anise hyssop, which is nice and tall and just budding out, in exactly the right place. Today (after planting more insurance basil, plus the sunflowers and the Red Warty Thing in the corner with crossed fingers) I pushed it aside, dug or pulled out the weeds, moved the volunteer Hopi Red Dye amaranth that showed up in front of the cucumbers beside the anise hyssop, and put the detritus back. The bugs and hunger were starting to bother me, so I didn’t do more, but I have plans, plans that involve some of the flowers and Red Leaf basil on my porch (why did the Red Leaf come up when the stuff I actually like to eat didn’t?) and two bags of mulch that were leftover from aborted projects in the fall. Maybe even plans that involve getting some bricks or stones to ring it with and delineate the bed from the path, which I know would be a really, really good idea. I never thought I’d enjoy building an entirely ornamental bed this much. I wonder if it’s because of its connection to the vegetables, or my horizons are simply expanding.