Yesterday I dug up the grass patch. It was not a congenial task. It also irked me to notice that the neighbors put up a lattice in place of the fence that used to be between our yards, and (this is the irksome part) tossed the sawed-off ends into my yard. I know my garden is not as well-kept-up as it should be, but it cannot reasonably be mistaken for a junkyard. But I did find a sunflower volunteer, unexpectedly tall, hanging around near the Asian pear, which made me quite happy, even though it meant I had to carefully scrape away the weeds around it. I desperately need to weed, especially the garlic patch, but the mosquitos thronged and I grew irritated and went inside.

I noticed on the way that there are actually two tiny peaches on the peach tree. I considered getting some netting to cover them and protect them from squirrels and bugs–we’d considered it last year but figured it was too much work. But I’m not sure what would work against bugs, so it might be futile. I should probably just appreciate the fact that they survived the freeze and give them up to nature.

Inside, I realized that I really needed to throw away the barley salad I made the other day. This made me sad, since I used my Mitla Black tepary beans from last year to make it, plus some frozen homegrown corn and herbs; but the barley is just too…well…mucilaginous. However, I went out and picked all the rocket leaves to make pesto with (more on that once I get some parmesan), so at least I’ll have something homegrown in the fridge.