So it turns out I was wrong about the Kentucky Wonders coming up. Everything in that quadrant of the bean patch was, um, weeds. So I planted Italian Rose beans there instead. It occurred to me too late that these are shell beans, not snaps, so if/when I get the sunflowers up in the garden I may get a packet of snap beans and try planting those. The Trionfo Violettos are doing well right now, though (except for a possible ant hostile takeover, the reason for which I shall elaborate on later), so with luck we’ll at least have those.

At the farmer’s market today one of the vendors was selling herbs for a dollar a pot, so I got some peppermint and a pot of three basil plants as insurance, because none of the three plantings of basil I’ve done so far have yielded a thing. I planted them out today as well, along with moving one of the borage plants out of the bed where I had them last year, which looked awful. (I pulled all the rest of those plants. I could have sworn those things never went to seed but I had dozens of volunteers in that bed.)

And I weeded. I had decided that I’d only weed the beans, since I needed to plant there anyway, but when I was done with those the onion bed and basil bed had only a few that needed pulling to be done, and then the lettuce looked bad and I want to take care of it, and then I might as well go through the beets, and the carrots needed taking care of, and by that time I was almost done with the entire herb garden, so I finished it. Compartmentalization–deciding “I’m only going to do this small patch”–made it so much easier to get down to the job and really do it. Now I understand how the rest of you don’t do what I normally do, which is look at the entire garden and think “My God, I’ll never get to all of it” and give up. I couldn’t for the life of me seem to do the weeding methodically, so I know it isn’t complete, but I did much, much better than I normally would.

At that point I’d been outside an hour and was getting hot and a little achy (three charley horses last night; I told Eric and he said “How is that possible, when you only have two legs?” and I would have hit him but he was out of reach and my calves hurt so I didn’t get up), so I pulled a little bindweed, inspected the vegetable garden, and went inside. The zucchini seeds I planted are coming up, and two of the cucumbers are in imminent need of trellising. Taking care of that, the sunflowers, the Red Warty Thing, more beans, and more weeding were on my list, but they’re getting deferred to tomorrow.