I did no gardening yesterday as I should have; the day of work on top of the long weekend caught up with me and convinced me that staying inside and reading and lounging was okay too. But I looked out the window and noticed that the sage had flowered; so I had to grab the camera and go out.

I5-26 sage flower
Isn’t it pretty?

These flowers are much less pretty.

5-26 flowering rocket and sorrel

Or at least they are to me because it’s only May and why on earth do the rocket and sorrel have to bolt already? Was it that hot while I was gone? (Actually, the forecast says yes, it was. And there was no rain. But never mind that.) They still taste okay for the moment, but my garden salads are going to have to be in two parts because the lettuce remains unbolted but too small to harvest, and by the time they develop–if the weather allows them to–these will be long gone.