When I was working in the garden yesterday I noticed a robin following me around–not literally, but when I was working in the east bed it was poking around in the peppers, and when I was working in the west bed it was hopping around the east bed, and when I was in the herb garden and went back to the vegetable garden for the tray I’d forgotten it was picking up worm after worm in the west bed. “Leave my worms alone!” I told it. “You can have the ones in the yard.”

It ignored me. And when I went back to the herb garden, it followed me. I was actually getting vaguely annoyed–although my digging had revealed that there were plenty of worms to share–when it flew up above my head and I heard a chorus of  shrill cheeping. I looked up, and balanced along one of the drains was a nest. The robin dropped off its beakful of worms and flew off. The cheeping stopped. I went back to digging, and I didn’t yell at the robin any more.