I meant to work on the garden Friday,  but it looked gray. Then Saturday, but it rained and was cold. So today was the day I actually went into the garden, armed with three days’ worth of intentions.

Eric and I discussed the Round-Up issue and we decided that he’d spray the weeds in the ornamental areas, plus the grass in the corner of the vegetable garden, and I would dig up the rest so that I could plant today. He went to work with a willing spirit.  “Killing plants!” he said. “Now this is something I’m good at!”

In the meantime, I dug up the east and west beds, except for where the potatoes and leeks (for seed) were already growing. I planted melons (Athena muskmelon and Sugar Baby watermelon from Hoen’s, plus Iroquois cantaloupe and Mickylee watermelon from seed) and more carrots (Danvers 126 and Yellostone) in the east bed, along with a transplanted row of what might be leeks or might be onions–I’m not sure, but they showed up near the leeks and seem to have onion-like bulbs and leek-like leaves, and I figured I’d let them hang around.  I planted yellow zucchini from Hoen’s and Zahra Hybrid and yellow scallop squash from seed in one of the west beds. I planted Mathilde Pickle and Bush Pickle cucumbers in the other west bed, and put in support poles. I planted Giant Marconi and King Arthur and Poblano and Inferno peppers in the raised bed. I watered everything well, and then I went inside to shape sandwich bread for its second rise and taste the French vanilla ice cream that Eric had just pulled out of the mixer. It’s a hard life.

Refreshed, I attacked the herb garden: I replanted Genovese basil (only one plant seems to have survived) and planted the seed starts from inside: cumin, Russian tarragon, summer savory, nigella, horehound, German chamomile, and balloon flower. I planted the rosemary and lavender I bought from the farmer’s market. I planted the Joi Choi pak choi and Red Romaine lettuce from Hoen’s, and moved some spinach and mustard plants. (I also pulled the komatsuna I’d planted earlier–it was all bolting. I expect it was because of the lack of water.) I watered everything. I realized I still had onions to plant.

Apparently I have issues about onions. I planted the available bed with them, then put in a few rows where I could fit them, then toyed with the idea of pulling out the cauliflower–I don’t expect anything from it anyway–to plant the remainder. I decided that was foolish and fit them in various places in the vegetable garden. I watered everything. I realized I still had flower starts to plant. I went inside anyway.

I’m now wondering whether I should cover the cucurbits, since I’m not sure of the status of rabbits in the garden and I do have little individual plastic covers that I got for my birthday. The main issue is whether I’ll remember to uncover them tomorrow morning…and how lucky I feel. My back is telling me maybe I shouldn’t waste all that effort, so perhaps I’ll go out a little later and put some insurance on today’s investment.