I picked up my fundraiser vegetables from Hoen’s today after work. This was the fundraiser Michelle’s school was having for sixth grade camp; I figured $12 for 18 vegetables seemed like a great deal and signed up. I’ve never been to Hoen’s, and now that I’ve been there I know why–it’s at the extreme other end of town from where I live. But I’m glad I went. It’s a neat place, with low, well-laid-out tables, good labeling, a nice mixture of veggies and herbs and ornamentals and just some fun stuff like topiaries in the shapes of fish. I noticed other people walking around with fundraising receipts similar to but not the same as mine; apparently they’re a popular fundraising vendor in Toledo.

I picked up four pickling cucumber plants, two each of two kinds; a Gretel and a Fairytale eggplant (they also had Hansel, but I liked the look of the first two better); two sweet peppers and two hot peppers (including Poblano, one of the types that failed to germinate for me); a watermelon and a muskmelon; a yellow zucchini and a winter squash named Red Warty Thing (would you have been able to resist?); pak choi; red romaine lettuce (since all that’s grown in my garden is a few Little Caesar heads); and two pots of candy onions. They may not be grown from seed, they may not be the most interesting variety, but by God I’m going to grow onions in my garden this year if I possibly can.

I was tempted by the herbs, especially the lime basil and a nice lavender, but they were a bit expensive and I noticed spray residue on the bay laurel, which put me off, so I passed. I’ll get some from Andersons. I may also get a pack of broccoli; Hoen’s had them but they were outside so I didn’t see them until I was leaving. I can probably do without, anyway. My taste for brassicas has gradually come back but I still need to go slowly with them.

The plants are all outside on the porch, er, hardening off. Tomorrow I’ll weed my little heart out (or dig, anyway) and plant as much as I can. I’m figuring I’ll also plant some of my own melon and zucchini seeds and get a little bit of succession gardening going on. I’m not sure whether I’ll plant other cucumbers or not. Pickling cucumbers were fine for eating last year and we often had more than we knew what to do with anyway. It’ll depend on the space, I think. I look forward to finding out.