Today’s activities:

  • Transplanted fernleaf dill and Genovese basil
  • Placed stakes (though I’m going to ask Eric to help pound them in further, or wait until it rains) for tomatoes and beans
  • Planted four types of beans: Kentucky Wonder, Trionfo Violetto, Cherokee Trail of Tears, and Hidatsa Shield Figure
  • Planted safflower and more Red-Core Chantenay carrots
  • Noticed the sage has flower buds
  • De-weeded and turned over the rest of the growing space in the herb garden
  • Tied up raspberries to bamboo stakes
  • Moved daylilies in the hopes of combating the bindweed by the driveway
  • Decided to hell with it, I’m going to Round-Up the vegetable garden and start over
  • Decided maybe I should wait to make that decision when I haven’t been out in the yard for two hours, covered in dirt and pulling up my maternity pants every thirty seconds