Stage one of Operation: Take Back the Garden is complete. It turned out to be surprisingly sunny and nice out this evening, so when I got home I took the rake out to the vegetable garden. A test revealed that there’s no way the grass is coming up with the rake, but the soil in the raised bed is nice and light. What really would have been nice is a hoe, but I don’t own one (don’t tell Carol), so I used the side of the rake to grub out the weeds. Then I planted tomatoes: Black Russian, Cosmonaut Volkov, Costoluto Genovese, Italian Market Wonder, Livingston’s Golden Queen, Persimmon, Purple Cherokee, Tiger-Like, Mortgage Lifter, Caspian Pink, Amish Paste, Alicante, Rutgers, and Debarro Black. Sadly the Black Cherry didn’t make it–a plant grew in its pot, but when I went to plant I realized it looked nothing like a tomato. It looked like a weed, in fact. And these fifteen plants (there were two Amish Paste) almost filled up the raised bed, anyway. There’s a row preserved for peppers and a spot for eggplant, assuming I pick one up, but that’s all that’s left.

I also weeded the plot in the herb garden where the beans will eventually grow, once I rig up a support for them. I found a small cabbage growing where last year’s bolted, so I left it. I also found a lovely anise hyssop plant in the middle of my auxiliary compost pile. I already have enough anise hyssop, but I admire its tenacity so much I’m probably going to plant it somewhere anyway.

Next in O:TBG will be planting the peppers and then figuring out whether to smother the carrots or try weeding around them. And in the meantime, deciding whether to start cucurbits inside or wait until I’ve cleared the space for them to go. Also, figure out what to do with the onion patch since there are no onions in it. Clearly O:TBG will be many-faceted.