I was having a lousy day today, mostly internally. I knew that I absolutely, positively had to do some gardening today; it’s the last nice day before rain, and I’ve totally neglected the yard, and I knew there were sprouts and weeds in the garden that needed taking care of and seedlings that were long past needing to be planted outside. I put the lemon tree (which is sprouting new, shiny, enormous leaves) out on the porch, and this evening I pushed myself up off the couch and got my gardening shoes on. “Weeding will make me feel better,” I told myself, which may tell you what kind of mood I was in.

Surprisingly, it did make me feel better. I thinned the lettuce and spinach and rocket and beets, and scratched a lot of tiny weeds out of existence, and moved chives and planted cauliflower and discovered that the parsley did indeed sprout and the sage did indeed make it through the winter. I planted a red canna I got from the Seed Swap and moved some raspberry suckers and was quite pleased.

(Profanity alert. I suppose that’s foreshadowing.)

Then I moved to the vegetable garden and the words “Holy fucking God” rose unbidden to my lips. Weeds? I’ve never seen weeds before compared to this. I don’t know what nasty fairy sprinkled those seeds all over my garden, but she did a thorough job. I repent of every bead of sweat and mosquito bite that I avoided by letting weeds go to seed last year. Even the raised bed had tons of seedlings, and in previous years it’s been relatively weed-free. The strawberry bed (which has flowers, which means I’ve got to get the slug bait out as soon as this week’s rain is over) wasn’t too bad, but it had dill and parsley sprouts as well as the more normal weeds. The onion bed was full of bindweed and dill (and no onions); I laid some of the dill seed heads there temporarily last year because last year it was the garlic bed and was empty, and wasn’t that a dumb move. The corner of the garden where the neighbors spread grass seed is full of grass–I guess that doesn’t really count, but I’m going to have to do something about it anyway. Everywhere was full of seedlings, mostly ones I didn’t recognize. Weeds weeds weeds weeds everywhere.

I cleared the strawberry bed and moved a couple of inconveniently-placed plants, but that was all I could face up to right then. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. The garlic bed is just going to have to be a bunch of painstaking work, as is the potato bed (a couple of plants have appeared). The carrot bed is so overwhelmed I might just rake it all up and start over; the carrots in the herb garden have come up at least some so it won’t be a huge loss. The raised bed I guess I’ll rake. The corner with the grass I’m tempted to Round-Up, but it’s right near the Asian pear so I don’t dare. Maybe I’ll get some plastic and smother it out of existence, but then I can’t plant the sunflowers and beans and squash I’d planned to put there. I’ll probably try raking it when I attach the other sections and see what happens. I might just leave the dill where it is if there really are no onions, since we want some and I haven’t planted it in the herb garden where it belongs, but it’s going to need the most ridiculous thinning out. Good grief. For a moment I was really considering putting plastic over everything and giving up until next year. But I’m not defeated yet…not until it gets hot and the mosquitos come out in force, anyway.