Cotyledons are a problem. That is, they are outdoors. Inside, they’re unambiguously delightful: they mean that I’ve managed to keep a pot watered long enough for seeds to sprout. Outside, though, they are (except in a few cases, like brassicas) far too similar to each other to be helpful. Is this the flower I planted or a weed I didn’t? Can I pull it now while it’s young and I’m here, or will I be pulling my precious herbs instead?

It was easy to pull the grass seed in the onion bed because I knew I hadn’t planted the onions that thickly. But the new sprouts in the parsley bed are problematic. There are a lot of them, but then I planted a lot, and by broadcasting, so there are no telltale lines as there are in the beet bed (or would be, if any had come up). I’ll just have to wait. Which is okay, I guess, but it seems a pity that the one time I want to weed I have to stay my hand.