Dallas was very, very green. A Crayola spring green almost, different from the more gradual, subdued greening-up that’s been going on around here. I was glad to get home from my trip, glad that my tomatoes had sprouted true leaves and hadn’t parched (I didn’t even ask Eric to water them; the outcome would have been the same anyhow), sad that I would still have to wait for green trees and flower buds in my part of the country.

I got a late birthday present from the mothers, a set of ten plastic cones for putting over plants, a kneeling pad, and a bunch of plant labels and Velcro for tying. I also got asked by my stepsister-in-law to take part in a fundraiser by a local nursery: pay a special price for flats of flowers or vegetables now and go pick them up in May. I signed up for a flat of 18 annuals or vegetables for $12. That’s hard to beat, and my peppers and eggplants mostly aren’t coming up so I may need them (and the money situation isn’t looking as bad as I was afraid it would, though we’ll see how it goes when we get the bill for the second ultrasound). At some point I really need to get out and see what’s happened with those seeds I planted, and get myself back into the it’s-time-to-garden mood.