We have achieved…um…some kind of sprout in the garden. Rocket or komatsuna, I think. I partitioned a particular part of the herb garden into four sections, one for each kind of green, and one of the four has started coming up, and I can’t be bothered to run downstairs to get my sketch to figure out which it is.

Yesterday would have been a great day for working in the garden, but my dad was around and we did house repair-type work instead (which turned out to include him stepping on the patch where the sprouts are, but they’re so small they don’t seem to have been damaged). So the potatoes remain unplanted. I’ll try to get to them next weekend; it’s raining and lousy the next few days, plus I won’t be around; I’m on a business trip to Chicago and then to Dallas. (I must go water the plants, since Eric won’t do it while I’m gone.) Maybe by the time I get back more sprouts will have appeared, or at least I’ll have looked up what kind I’ve got.