Planted today: Siberian and Red Russian kale; Little Caesar, Freckles, Buttercrunch, Lolla Rossa, and Cimarron lettuce; Monnopa and Baby’s Leaf x Bloomsdale Long Standing spinach; Hamburg Rooted parsley; mustard greens; komatsuna; choy sum; rocket; Detroit Dark Red and Chioggia beets; Red-Cored Chantenay and Olds’ Science Fiction Mix carrots; Hollow Crown parsnips; and flat-leaf parsley.  It’s been four dry days and it’s supposed to rain tonight, so it seemed like a good time. And it was; I remember liking this planting thing.

Pulled today: the year’s first weeds. Also a lot of last year’s last ones. I don’t expect to be any better with weeding this year–much worse, in fact. I’d start thinking about heavy mulch, or landscaping fabric (ugly as it is), if I could afford it. As it is, I know that I got a decent crop last year even without weeding, so…c’est la vie.

Watered today: the broccoli indoors, which is growing well despite my letting it get bone-dry. The cauliflower has just sprouted, but the solanaceae are still dormant.

Noticed today: the lilac tree has buds and the grass is starting to grow again.