I have a feeling I’m going to have either a very slow or a very late garden this year. Or both. It’s, what, the 10th? I should have planted peppers and onions, what, 9 days ago? Of course this is only according to last year’s schedule, since I haven’t bothered to update it for this year’s plants. I hope I don’t have a lot that isn’t listed in last year’s schedule. I’m not sure why this is–whether it’s lack of energy or lack of interest. I do still want a garden,  but I’m not so sure I want to garden, not right now. I blame L.E.O. (the fetus). I can’t blame the dishes because they’re finally done, and the mice are, I think–I hope–finally locked out of the kitchen. (We got behind the stove and sealed up the unfinished wall back there with insulation and plaster. I heard horrible scritching noises this morning while I was making my lunch, though, so we’re going to have to figure out how they got into the walls in the first place, too.) Maybe I’ll plant this weekend. I can’t afford to buy pepper plants (and I wouldn’t find the ones I want at the nursery  anyway), but I could always start the onions outside. Exactly how lazy a gardener can I be and still be a gardener? Stay tuned to find out.