I roasted the last of the French Fingerling and some of the All-Blue potatoes for dinner the other day. (It’s not that there were so many that they’ve lasted through the winter; it’s just that I didn’t feel up to washing so many tiny spuds until recently.) They both showed their age, the French Fingerlings in softness/wrinkliness and the All-Blues in sprouts, but they were  both tasty. I was surprised the All-Blues were so firm. They weren’t badly gone to sprouting, but I should use them up soon–though there’s a particularly fine one I should probably save for planting. I wonder how the ones I kept for planting in the fridge are doing.

We’ve been having a thaw–it’s not going to last, but it’s lovely while it’s here; I took a long walk yesterday for the first time since fall. I can see our leaf-covered backyard again; I can see the remains of the kale and the green onions…I can see the leeks looking pretty darn sprightly. I haven’t pulled one, but I ought to, to see if they actually made it through the winter. I think I see some low-lying greenery in the herb garden that might be thyme or might be oregano, though I haven’t gone out to verify. I’ll be pleased with either one.

I’ve been intending to write more, but not doing it. I’m not sure what I’ve been doing instead–reading a lot, and goofing off a lot. This week planning the garden absolutely must go on my list–also sending out a seed trade. This weekend I hope to discuss seed orders with Carol (yes?) and start broccoli, and in two weekends I plan to attend the Toledo Botanical Garden Seed Swap. And then it’s off to the races. I’m not in shape for a race, but luckily this one starts slow, and I know I won last year, which helps.