It’s been a hard winter for my houseplants, I’m afraid. Cold and dark and I’ve forgotten to water them as much as I should. The peace lily is stressed anyway–too much in too small a pot–and both of my huckleberry starts are dead. So is the oregano sprig, which saddens me since the one outside almost certainly didn’t make it so I’ll have to replace it in the spring. I’d been looking forward to immortalizing it through cuttings every winter. The the two pomegranates are doing well, and so is the stevia, happily. The papyrus is still alive, which never fails to amaze Eric when he notices (though it definitely needs some attention; its new shoots are kind of trying to walk out of the pot by growing its base stem sideways.) And the wandering jew, which is impossible to kill anyway. I gave it a severe haircut a few weeks ago but it’s already grown again to the point where it brushes my head when I sit below it to put my shoes on. I’m not sure I watered it since the haircut, either.

Since seed-starting is coming up and my plant window is already full, I’m going to have to brush off and bring in the greenhouse rack pretty soon. (Isn’t that what I did last year? Last year I didn’t have these starts and things on the window–I know they’re dead but I can’t bear to throw them out yet. Maybe when it’s seed time.) I have a bag of potting soil on the back porch, where it’s been patiently waiting all winter. I do not have as much newspaper as I’d like. And I haven’t ordered seeds, but the things I’m going to start February 15 don’t need ordering anyway. So I think I’ll be all right. And I’ll have time to try to get back in the habit of watering things.