Behold my 2008 cotton crop:

A cash crop it ain't

This came off the plant I’d put in a pot on the porch and brought indoors when it got cold. My intent was to keep it over the winter and put it out again next spring, but it turned out to have a raging case of crinkly brown insects–more scale?–and so I quarantined it until its buds opened. “Congratulations,” Eric told me, sincerely. “You’ve grown something that shouldn’t be able to grow in the north.” I suppose he’s right. In about fifty years I’ll have enough for a hat.

I planted green and brown cotton. I didn’t know which one this was, but the seeds have green lint around them, indicating they’re Erlene’s Green. You’ll note the lint on this one was very white, though. I don’t know if that’s because of its indoor conditions or the bugs sucking the juice out of it or what. (They’re now outside, dying horribly, I hope, the way they made the poor cotton plant die.) I’m a little disappointed, frankly. But after all, I did grow something that shouldn’t be able to grow in the north. Next year I’ll take more care with the bugs, and maybe not plant cotton in the ground at all, and see if I can’t get a better crop.