In the ongoing, absolutely riveting saga of the yard cleanup, I meant to rake and to get the last of the compost onto the raised bed and put the box back together today. However, it snowed overnight, so I’m just gonna skip it. If I leave the bowl of kitchen scraps on the counter all winter, will I have humus by spring?

I went back to the farmer’s market this morning. This is the first all-enclosed winter market of the season, and it made me feel at home because this is how it was when I started going last year. (I think this is the way everyone should be introduced to the farmer’s market. First, the small experience of surprise and gratitude that there are people offering fresh local food even in the dead cold. Then, the gradual unfolding of the full market experience in the spring and summer, amazement blossoming as the vendors multiply and the offerings become more juicy and ephemeral. That way, summer is the happy addition instead of winter the sad contraction of one’s blessings.) I was also happy to be back because I let our fridge empty of produce since we’d be gone. So I picked up squash and spinach and two small cauliflower and a long spear of brussels sprouts, since neither Eric nor I have ever tasted them and they look so cool on the stalk, and was sorely tempted by the popcorn and the homemade plum jam but resisted.

It’s really very nice to give up on my own yard and my own efforts for a while, and just enjoy other people’s. This week we’ll have roasted brussels sprouts and marinated spinach salad (or at least I will) and I’ll make parathas with cauliflower filling. I might even fix that compost box, if it gets warm enough. But most likely I’ll just wait until spring.