I pulled down sunflowers and corn stalks today, and dug and raked one of the vegetable garden beds. There’s a lot of work to do, but I’ll get to it. I also pulled down the safflower in the herb garden. The birds don’t seem to be interested in the seeds, which is a shame. Oh well; I’ll know not to bother to leave some next year.

I received a trade today: tomatoes and Fresno chili peppers and carrots and radishes, and huckleberry and stevia starts. I had no idea how starts would fare through the mail, but they made it here safely and look pretty good–the stevia is a little wilted, but that’s not unreasonable. They’re in pots now, quietly draining. I have no room for them in my plant window. I’ll make room. I might use my little greenhouse–I’m not sure what to do with it; it’s blown over several times over the year so I won’t trust my pots in it without securing it down,  but there’s nothing to secure it too. So maybe an indoor plant rack is my best bet.

I opened up my Garden Planning spreadsheet today, to enter in the new seeds and delete some old ones that I either ran out of, traded away, or don’t want to use anymore. I’m interested in planning next year’s garden,  but not yet. I’m caught in this odd mental space where I’m quietly putting away this year and quietly working toward next year, but without really thinking about next year. Which is okay, since I know more than I did this time last year–which is always the goal–and I know I’ll figure it out, probably in manic sketches and seed-catalog-skimming sessions in January and February. For now, I’m in a little bit of shutting-down time. Holiday time, I guess. Hibernation time. Or at least preparing my garden for its yearly rest.