The weather channel predicted 30 tonight, so as soon as I got home from work I went to the garden and picked all the frost-tender, non-seed-bearing herbs I had. Also two heads of broccoli. Have I mentioned I love growing broccoli? Now to get it to happen in the spring.

I brought in my Big Blue Bowl of Harvesting, filled with herb stalks and the aforementioned broccoli. I hung some lemon basil and oregano to dry and potted my second annual oregano cutting in case the outdoor plant doesn’t make it through the winter (it didn’t last year). I plucked every good leaf off the basil. The bugs seem to have noticed it more as the year went on. Is that because it was older, or a second growth, or the bugs have gotten more desperate?

I ended up with about a cup of good leaves, enough to make a small batch of pesto, which I accordingly did. I also chopped the last of the dill into fine bits and froze it in ice cubes. This is the same dill that we used for pickle-making earlier in the year, and the new growth was pretty decent, I thought, considering the abuse it took. Onion-dill bread is in the near future.

The Scarborough Fair herbs are still out there, plus cutting celery and shiso (which is covered; I’m hoping to coax it to ripe-seed stage but the forecast isn’t looking good). They’ll be all right for a while. I’ve had a good year with the herbs; I’ve flavored several batches of sauce and pasta salad, made a decent amount of pesto (including walnut-cilantro pesto; did I never mention that? it was sooooo good), and put away plenty for the winter.

Also there are several hundred parsley seedlings in the strawberry patch. I know what I have to do, and I will.