We got another frost advisory yesterday and, since I was feeling better and also in need of a break, I enlisted Eric to help me bring in the frost-tender vegetables. We foraged through the tomato plants, Eric obviously a bit leery of reaching into the jungle. I considered tomatillos while he picked peppers. (My thought: the husk should keep them from being ruined by a light frost. Yes? No?)

“Does that zucchini need to come in?” Eric said, pointing.

I wheeled around. There on the fence were two long, green, skinny fruits. “It’s the luffa!” I cried.


“Loufa. I planted them way back when and I thought they had died!”

“Will the frost kill them?”

“Yes,” I said regretfully, fingering one. “But they’re supposed to be edible young.” So I brought them in. My summer squash days were not over after all.