I harvested twenty-five Garden Peach tomatoes last night. The plant is starting to brown in places–no wonder; it’s sprawling into the driveway and I run over its longest branches twice a day–but it’s still going strong, though the tomatoes are smaller than they used to be. It’ll be time to roast more very soon, possibly with the peppers my mother-in-law gave me from her garden. Someday, I’ll grow nice sweet peppers too. Of my four Buran pepper plants, one has two dinky fruits and that’s it.

I also brought in three heads of broccoli. I am loving the broccoli-growing thing. Apparently broccoli is a rival to the parsnip in growing season in my climate…or at least in my garden under my care-or-lack-thereof…but it’s growing now, and I am pleased. No word on the cauliflower, but it got crowded by turnips anyway so I can’t really blame it. The Sorrento broccoli is just an ugly flower as far as I’m concerned; even in this cooler weather it’s still flowering before I see more than a couple of flower heads. I’m not using those seeds I collected.

I wish I’d planted my peas a little later; I knew it was early but didn’t want to wait, and now they’re all dead and I never got anything from them. Also, I must remember to plant a better second wave of green beans next year. I have a few, but they’re kind of pathetic. The ones that came up with the compost are bush beans (Cherokee wax or Hutterite?) and they’ve got flowers, but I’m not expecting anything great in the way of green beans from them, either. Next year I’m going to have to improve my bean plans. I’m not going to say I’ll take more care of them, because I probably won’t, but I can provide better support and better timing.

I’m starting to think about what to do during garden clean-up. Get rid of the weeds in the paths, for one thing. I’m still hoping to get those bricks to pave with. Spread compost, certainly; I’m wondering about spreading mulch, too, and moving it aside next year for planting. They don’t seem to have straw around here (though maybe they will for Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations?) but I could always use the fancier stuff if I had to. The pea trellis will stay where it is; the tomato stakes are evidently not great for tomatoes (three of twelve snapped and more of them are sagging under the weight of the plants) but might work for something else, like cucumbers or beans. I could potentially use the dead corn stalks as decorations for the front porch. It’s a bonus harvest. I guess I get a bonus harvest from everything, though: more compost.