Apparently my camera is more stubborn than I thought–or rather, its software is. Sigh. So there are no pictures. I’m not doing much gardening, either, other than adding vast quantities of apple cores to the compost pile. Instead I’m cooking and baking. Apples were $10 a half-bushel at the farmer’s market; with them and the butternut squash that were three for a dollar, the raspberries, the onions, and the honey, I had to stop several times to rest my arms before I got to my car. I’ve made a double batch of apple butter (still simmering, and I have to scrounge up an extra jar or two before it thickens completely), apple turnovers, bread, and the–most likely–last batch of fresh salsa. (I’m not too bereaved. It’s really good and it’ll last a while, and I have tomatillo salsa still to look forward to and several jars of canned salsa in the pantry.)

I intended to make rosemary focaccia today as well, using the rosemary before it gets too cold, but there’s no time. Maybe this next week. Along with butternut squash soup and a squash-and-onion galette, and eggplant parmesan (with homemade mozzarella! We bought a kit from the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company), and maybe roasted peppers with some leftover farmer’s market peppers for pizza. Summer may be over, but harvest and good eating certainly aren’t.