My trade post is up. Where’s yours? Trade seeds with me!

I ended my parsley-seed-harvesting season today. It won; it was definitely a war, to switch metaphors, of attrition. I snipped and snipped and snipped florets and finally pulled all the plants out, leaving the strawberry patch with only, for the first time, strawberries in it. And one dill plant that’s only just now going to flower. And weeds.

I have 173 grams of seed, or just over six ounces. I think this was six plants. I wasn’t very careful with the harvesting, either; the FSM only knows how many volunteers I’m going to get. There are fistfuls of tiny sprouts in the strawberry patch now; I don’t know if they’re parsley or dill or weeds, but if they’re either of the first two, God help me if I don’t have the heart to pull out every single one.

I also have two Mammoth sunflower heads drying in my dining room. The seed of neither is pure, since I planted three or four different kinds of sunflowers this year (and loved them! Only next year I must remember to plant them deeper, or maybe stake them), but it should still be good for eating. I think I only accomplished this because they were both in hangdog position after some storms and so the birds hadn’t found them yet. I’m not a huge fan of sunflower seeds, but my dad is, so this is a definite victory.