There was no stepsister-in-law availability this weekend. I did dig up the All-Blues, for a disappointing harvest, though in all fairness I may have missed half of them because they’re darned hard to see in the dirt. This week I’ll dig up the French Fingerlings, though I’m not expecting to find a lot of those either. I suspect I need work as a potato farmer. “It’s okay,” Eric told me. “You don’t have any Irish in you.” Great. Maybe I should be growing rice and rye instead.

What I do have a lot of is seeds. I’m not getting any out of my squash this year, and the lemon basil is at last turning brown, so I think I’m getting to the end of my seed-collecting. I’m pleased I have so many (especially with the financial news lately); I’ve fulfilled that part of the Growing Challenge as well, though not the bit about hand-pollinating. Maybe next year. I’m starting to scrape seeds into bags and label them, and I think it’s time to post in the Gardenbloggers Seed Exchange again. Seed trading season! I think I’m going to learn to look forward to this almost as much as the growing season. Maybe more: trading is easier.