We’ve had a good carrot crop so far and have been delighted as usual with the flavor (except that the purple ones have less of it). There are still plenty in the ground, awaiting frost. Earlier in the summer I started pulling a few carrots at a time and putting them in a bag in the fridge, to be handy when we wanted them. Then we hit tomato season, and we’ve barely touched the carrot bag in almost two months.

I pulled out the bag the other day for peanut-sesame noodles with cucumber and peppers, which also includes grated carrot (and is extremely tasty). And found that the carroty flavor had faded, leaving mainly some crunchy sweetness and not a lot else. In short: I had grocery-store carrots on my hands. I could discern the actual carrot taste, but it was faint.

It took two months to happen, though. So how long do grocery-store carrots sit before they’re purchased?