It’s a serene fall day (whether we’ve reached the equinox quite yet or not). The sun beams gently down on the blooming sedum. Also the half-torn-up porch, the dead hosta flower stalks, the grass gone grandly to seed. Both Eric and I have work to do outdoors this weekend.

The morning glories are still madly climbing all over the fence, which cheers me up every morning except when I try to see whether there are any more ripe raspberries. Next year I’ll grow the morning glories somewhere else. The raspberries don’t seem to be harmed by it, but the whole point of planting them where I did was to give them plenty of sun, and they’re not getting so much through their morning glory parasol.

Seed-Saving Central has undergone a changing of the guard. The tomato seeds are mostly dry (except for the Cosmonaut Volkov and Italian Market Wonder, because I had to wait until I could pick them on separate days so as to tell them apart) and the peppers and lettuce and spinach and garlic are put away. I’m still collecting beans as they dry outside, including the Trionfo Violettos–Eric is sad there will be no more fresh green beans, but pleased that there are some in the freezer. Seed-Saving Central is now full of hyssop, lemon balm, coriander, feverfew, scarlet flax, bleeding-heart, potato seeds, and all the flat-leaf parsley and fernleaf dill I could ever want. My God, do I have parsley and dill seeds. Who wants some? Can parsley seeds be used in cooking? How about for insulation?