Four more cucumbers. Those vines just won’t stop, will they? More gazpacho and peanut-sesame-cucumber salad and maybe sweet relish for us, so I’m not complaining.

I watered the garden last night. It’s the first time I watered the whole garden since I planted the last of the seedlings and seeds; I didn’t actually water all of it this time anyway, since the leeks were shaded and doing fine, and the second wave of corn is drying up without plumping out, and the zucchini have powdery mildew and are pretty much done (though the yellow scallop has two new fruits on it; I love vegetables that just won’t quit).  But the peppers and tomatoes got a good soaking, and the new lettuce and spinach, and the beans, and the beets, and the basil. And the garden spider hanging from the pea trellis, which wasn’t very nice of me since it wasn’t doing any any harm except giving me the creeps, but it’s my garden and I can terrorize who I want.

I’m growing quite ashamed of the gone-to-seed weeds in the garden paths of the herb garden. It’s not quite so bad in the vegetable garden, but not great there either. I’m not sure what it is about summer that makes me quit caring. Is it just the heat? Is it that I weeded in the spring and I think that ought to be enough? Is it the knowledge that my vegetables will be okay if I don’t do it? Is it the mosquitoes?