I would have a Green Thumb Sunday picture up, only my hard drive died at 11:50 on Friday (actually, probably before that; 11:50 is when I tried to turn it on) and I can’t find the software for my camera on the one I’m using now, Eric’s old one. Luckily I knew this was liable to happen and I backed up my files, but it’s still an inconvenience. Perhaps it’s also lucky that I badly misjudged my Three-Day Novel outline, and I’m done after ten thousand words.

So instead of writing and posting pictures, I’ve been picking lots of tomatoes, the first jalapeño I’ve ever grown long enough to turn red, and a cucumber from the vine I thought was dead; slow-roasting the Garden Peach tomatoes and eating the last of the fresh salsa; picking feverfew, Hidatsa Shield Figure bean, and safflower seeds; putting away some of the fermented tomato seeds. The yard badly needs attending to, but neither Eric nor I are motivated enough to do it. Instead, we’re goofing off, eating tabbouleh and shopping for a new hard drive at Newegg.com.