I’m finding myself very busy with Eric gone. I’ve got a quilt to finish, a freelancing project to do, cleaning, cooking, spinning, reading, and of course working in the garden. The bean arch is sagging again because I skipped picking beans in favor of starting some sweet relish while I worked on dinner. That’s cooling now, and the whole house smells like sweet-and-sour. The cucumbers are starting to slow down, but we’ve used what they’ve given us, that’s for sure.

I picked four cucumbers today, and lots of tomatoes. I discovered the problem with not knowing what each of my tomatoes is: my spatial memory is not the best.

Luckily Tiger-Likes and Garden Peaches are easy to identify, and I know the Romas and the Jelly Bean grapes, and now that I’ve learned Principe Borgheses are small and round–almost cherry size–I can identify them too. I had thought the beautiful pleated tomatoes were the Zapotec Pleated, but I’ve just looked at my sketch and they’re Costoluto Genovese. The pictures I’d seen of those suggested that they weren’t very pretty, so either I’ve been seeing the wrong pictures or I got a very good plant. The big not-quite-ripe one near the middle there is a Cosmonaut Volkov. (The dark red at the bottom right is a peach from our tree. Peach salsa is in my future.)

I have a couple of Italian Market Wonders that are pinkening. That leaves the real Zapotecs, the Black from Tula, and the Persimmon, and then all the tomatoes will have come in. How they’re going out, though, is an even bigger rainbow of possiblity.