My first-ever garlic braid is finally hanging up in the kitchen. I realized too late that I shouldn’t have let them dry completely before cleaning and braiding, but it turned out okay. It’s short (partly because we used so much garlic in the pickles), but I’m ever so pleased with it. Additional heads are in a paper bag, awaiting late fall planting.

With that, the bench in the hallway, which is now seed-saving central, has more space. This is good, because today I intend to harvest the Hutterites and all of those need to lay out to dry. I’m saving the ones from the longest vines separately, for seed, and next year I’ll plant them in teepees. I also picked more bleeding heart seeds, and noted that the rocket seeds are quite dry and need packaging. I’m sure the rosemary does too, and the miniscule papyrus seeds that I plucked off my plant a while ago. The feverfew is starting to lose some petals, and the hyssop’s bright blues are fading to brown, so I need to check those as well.

I picked four Garden Peach tomatoes yesterday. That’s what the volunteer plant in the driveway turned out to be. I had thought it would be one of the orange tomatoes that the neighbors grew last year directly opposite the spot where it is, but I’m utterly pleased to have these instead, since I know its name. I don’t know why it’s important to know its name, but it feels important. It makes labelling easier, at any rate.

Eric is gone at another gaming convention, so I’m on my own for the next few days. I plan to make salsa soon. If he’s lucky, there will still be some left when he gets back. If he’s extra lucky, I will also work through the other pickling/canning ideas we want to try–sweet pickles for his mom, relish for him, chutney for me–so that he can sample them when he gets home and we can embark on another pickling week next week.