I’ve been a bit disappointed in my beans so far. The Cherokee Wax beans are kind of pitiful and Eric says he doesn’t like wax beans in any case, so I won’t be growing them again. The Trionfo Violetto beans are beautiful and healthy, but I got one flush of beans and nothing more, and I read somewhere that purple beans tend to be less prolific. So I was disappointed. But today I went out to the slowly-sinking bean arch

(it was originally a teepee with one extra-long branch; I hope that branch lasts the season) and picked nearly a pound of beans, so maybe they’re just more cyclical than I remember from last year’s Kentucky Wonders. I blanched them green and froze them, maybe for Thanksgiving, maybe just for sometime after frost.

Opposite the bean arch is the lettuce boulevard. I call it that because the lettuce has flowered and spilled into the pathway, blocking it, so that to get to the scallions and turnips I have to go under the bean arch and around. I don’t mind. Someday I’ll have to try a neat, organized garden, but I’m pleased with the one I’ve got (if you ignore the weeds). Today, I noticed that the lettuce appears to have gone beyond flowering. That is, if this is really lettuce.

The leaves look right, and it’s in the right place, but that fuzz looks just like the weeds around here (Canadian thistle?) and, again, it’s not like I could positively say I’ve kept the weeds out of that patch. (Mostly the lettuce has kept the weeds out itself. I like a plant that helps itself.) If it’s a weed I’m in big trouble.

On the way back I stopped to look at the Green Goliath broccoli plants that I planted in the spring and never got anything from. One is still leaves-only; the other has this.

It’s not Green Goliath, but I don’t care. Dare I hope I might get to eat some broccoli and/or cauliflower from my garden after all?