It turns out my butternut squash seems to be gone, but the Stella Blue Hokkaido is doing well and even has a small fruit going. How do I know? We didn’t replace our doorknobs when we replaced our locks.

I went into the garden last night, see, and got a cucumber, a handful of carrots, a small zucchini, some potatoes, the potimarron,  two ears of corn, and three mosquito bites through my jeans. I brought them in and cleaned them and weighed them (except the bites), and started water boiling. (I know, I should have started it first, but I didn’t decide to pick the corn until I got into the garden.) Then I took the corn outside to shuck it, yanking the door shut behind me.

I shucked the corn and found that one was so bug-ridden I gave it up for lost, but the other was perfect. I went back up on the porch and tried to open the door. It wouldn’t open.

Eric was in Ann Arbor. The front door was locked. We have a window with a latch that doesn’t work but it’s too high to climb. I trotted around the corner to knock on my mother-in-law’s door, because she has a key to our house, but there was no answer. I trotted back, yanked on the door a few more times, and went over to the neighbors’.

I explained my predicament and got permission to use their phone. I called Eric and asked him to ask his mom if she was home, and if so, could I have the keys. “Your corn is doing really well,” Tony said while we waited for him to call back.

I held up the ear still in my fist. “Yup! Next time I’ll shuck it inside, though.”

“What’s that vine you’re growing near the corn? You’ve got a nice little ball started on our side of the fence.”

“Oh, I’m sorry!”

“No, no, we’re just curious.”

“It’s winter squash, Stella Blue something.”

“Oh! Well, it’s coming along very well.” We chatted about summer, and kids, and housecleaning, and Eric called back and said his mom was on the way with the keys, so I thanked them and left. I called Eric, per his request, when I got back in, and reported that the self-locking mechanism on the old back door had indeed tripped itself when I slammed it, and that my pot hadn’t boiled yet, so all was well. The corn and potatoes were very tasty.