My potimarron has one beautiful fruit, thus:

And that’s all it’s ever going to have. I noticed several days ago that it was droopy when everything else wasn’t, so I watered it. Yesterday I realized it was still droopy, even though it had rained. I poked around, and lo, there was a squashy brown section of stem with a white squash borer undulating its way through. I’ve always thought those hollow stems were asking for trouble. I killed the larva, but my plant is unsavable. There’s another potimarron plant, but it’s looking the same way, and I found a smaller brown patch on it, though I couldn’t locate the larva(e) before the mosquitoes drove me indoors.

I’m really disappointed about this. I’ve been looking forward to trying potimarrons–I guess I still will, but I was thinking more than one, ripe, in the fall. I put a couple of new seeds in the ground, pretty much because I hate giving up on this particular harvest, but I don’t truly expect food from them. They’re ninety-day fruits and this is Toledo in the beginning of August. (And, to be honest, I probably won’t remember to water them.)

I need to check the plants again for larvae and kill them, and then check my other winter squash on the other side of the garden–Stella Blue Hokkaido and Waltham Butternut. Butternut is supposed to be somewhat resistant, and I’m hoping at least one of those plants will still be okay.  Then I’m going to check my tomatoes in the hope of something red to cheer me up.