Here’s the tomatillo lantern:

As you can see, the cucumbers are encroaching on the tomatillos–though they’re holding their own. I picked thirteen cucumbers today, one slicer and twelve fat pickling cucumbers.

I spotted my first watermelon ever today, though it’s evidently been there for a while and it has at least one sibling:

I also discovered one major problem with not keeping ahead of the weeds: when you see they’ve gone to seed and rip them out, you’re in danger of also ripping out plants you like because they’ve grown on top of the weeds. This did not actually happen to me, thank goodness, but the watermelon was in danger a few times. By next year these paths will be covered with something other than weeds, I swear it.

Aside from ripping out weeds and picking cucumbers, I pulled out the broad beans–they were blackening, and the cantaloupe really need the space at this point anyway–and a lot more weeds, and tied up the last of the tomatoes, and trimmed a few things. And saw another happy first.