We’re making pickles and pesto today. (Also angelfood cake and tabbouleh–parsley and tomatoes from the farmer’s market–and fresh pita bread. It’s too hot to go outside. Which is too bad, because I have 8800 steps left before the end of the Oregon Trail.) The cucumbers are crunchy and glorious, but I’m suddenly more captivated by, of all things, flowers. Well, herbs. Pretty herbs.

This is the feverfew that I traded to Jason last year for some of my Hopi Red Dye amaranth. I hope they turned out well for him (the ones I planted in my garden mostly didn’t come up, but volunteers are all over), because I’m loving this feverfew.

And this is the safflower I bought from Seeds of Change to try dyeing with. I probably don’t have enough, but I don’t even care because these things make me so happy to look at.