There’s one thing I’m finding abhorrent about gardening. This thing is: that I can’t garden without long pants and long sleeves or I’ll be eaten alive by mosquitos. I currently sport…let me count the throbbing spots…six from a quick sojourn today, planting fall peas and some more broccoli and beets, when I thoughtlessly went out in shorts and a tank top as befitted the weather.

I pulled a few beets to give more room to the others–I was shocked at how much they and the turnips grew while we were away. I have never eaten a beet before but I bit into a baby Chioggia today and I think I’m going to grow these things a lot. Not so sure about the turnips.

I also pulled out some lettuce plants. Some of them have transformed into these gorgeous pyramids, starting flowers and proudly wearing their leaves, but some of them haven’t, and I want seed from the ones that haven’t, so out they came. Poor beautiful failures.

I also harvested beans. There are Cherokee wax beans–the ones I planted around the Christmas tree, and I’m thinking that would have been a better idea with pole beans; these are bush and I don’t think I like that–and Trionfo Violettos. I planted some actual green green beans, Kentucky Wonders, today alongside the peas. I actually harvested my first beans Thursday, just before we rushed off to a Jonathan Coulton concert (which was excellent), along with a baby leek and a few stray last Golden Sweet pods, and these are them.

I harvested just as many today. I’m thinking roasted root vegetables and green beans sounds like a good dinner option.