My garden is drowning. My whole house is afloat. Not literally; there’s some water in the basement but that’s because we didn’t clean the gutters in the spring (or the fall). I think. I may have contributed to it when I dug the herb garden.

The herb garden is on the side of the house, you see, a fairly narrow swath of lawn that was absolutely useless to us except in increasing the exercise Eric got while mowing. So I claimed it: I killed the grass and added soil amendments and dug beds and paths. I dug down to make the paths. It made sense at the time; I wanted elevated beds to discourage rabbits (which was worked beautifully, unless the rabbits wouldn’t come that close to the house anyway, but I doubt that) and digging down made more sense than adding dirt since we were on a tight budget. I didn’t think about how we still don’t have a rain barrel for the gutter that comes down that side of the house. I didn’t think about the torrential summer rains.

And now it’s raining heavily for the third or fourth time in three days. The driveway is awash; the neighbor’s pool is noticeably fuller than it was; and my herb garden is drowning. The paths are flooded. Spots in the beds that weren’t quite high enough, like where I planted the new turnips and basil, are flooded. The gutter opens onto the path. Which I figured was better than rushing out onto a bed–maybe this is actually better than planting things flat, without the grass to soak up the water–for the garden if not the house. I never did put in a rain garden. There are daylilies and hostas that were already there, but that’s all. When the floodwaters recede, I may need to rethink things. And possibly replant.